Why You Might Want to Get a Text Message Marketing Service

As businesses try to target more customers, SMS marketing can give more targeted communication. This service allows you to create brand awareness and segment your audience. Additionally, you can use the service to communicate time-sensitive information, promote new products, share reminders, and more. Here are the reasons you might need a text messaging service.

It’s fast

Unlike email or social media channels, text messages are quick and easy to produce. Secondly, they reach the target customers faster. The low character unit means you don’t need to write a ton either. And because it’s less intrusive, you don’t need additional steps to open them. You get great results in a short time.

Gives near-perfect open and response rate

Recent statistics suggest that SMS marketing has an open rate of 94%. By comparison, email marketing offers an open rate of 21%. Customers are less likely to open a link you send via email. Of course, it’s an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty. While this service may look intrusive, customers like to get messages in SMS format. This helps to create a stronger personal relationship and accomplish your marketing goals.


From a brand perspective, SMS marketing is cost-effective. Other forms of marketing, like paid ads and social media, can cost more. Furthermore, SMS service can produce a higher ROI. The data you draw from the service gives a more nuanced understanding of your campaign. These details will help you refine your messages and optimize performance. Be sure to monitor the number of messages you send and the information to include.

It’s versatile

SMS marketing offers infinite possibilities. You can use the 160 characters to remind customers of new bills, distribute feedback surveys, and offer exclusive discounts to the target audience. Once you brainstorm ideas, the opportunities to engage them are endless. Textedly allows you to send bulk messages and save the templates. You also get several, like mass group texting, scheduled messages, automatic text replies, and built-in link sharing.

It’s customizable

You can engage customers based on their preferences. For instance, you can decide on the communication you want to receive and tailor it in a way that meets their wishes. Think of an SMS marketing service as a medium to increase brand awareness across the customer life cycle. Businesses can further create targeted campaigns to understand the database.

You can integrate SMS with other channels

While SMS is a standalone channel, you can integrate it with other marketing mediums like email and social media. For example, you can send a customer an email to ask if they received an email.

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Evie Lee